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What is the Froth Factory? 

The Froth Factory was born out of our own selfishness. We knew shops had the best used boards in the area and didnt like having to drive all over NJ to see if they happened to have what we were looking for. We wanted an easier way to browse the used board market place outside of Craigslist, which has 10 total crap boards for every one decent board. The Froth Factory is here to help do the sorting for you, so that you can find what you are looking for faster and easier, and spend more time surfing.

Does Froth Factory own the boards they list?

Only the boards listed in the Froth Factory shop page are owned by Froth Factory. The rest of the boards are either owned by the shops they are listed under, or on consignment in those shops. If you see a board you like, we suggest you head over to the shop and give them a look in person. 

Can I buy boards on Froth Factory?

Yes you have the ability to buy any of the boards on the site. We do our best to give an honest feel for condition, but we think it is always better to head down to the shop to check the boards out in person. Certain things like the yellowing on a board can only really be determined in person, and while we try out best to be completely honest, our take on "slight pressure dings" might be a little bit different from your own.

Our Accessories section is owned by us. Any accessories sold will be sent directly to your shipping address provided. 

If I buy a board through the Froth Factory, what happens next?

As of right now, we do not have a way to integrate our systems with the POS systems in the shops, so inventory will be kept as updated as possible. Once you buy a board, we will call up the shop to confirm that it is still in stock and to tell them it is sold. There is a chance that it may have already been sold. If that happens, sorry - We will refund you the money immediately. If it is in stock, you can then go pick it up at your convenience.